• Areas of expertise include: AI, autonomous technologies, cyber, tech innovations and international security


    Brief Background and Contributions to UNIDIR

    In addition to her institutional responsibilities, Ms Vignard has served as a consultant to the United Nations on the subject of Information and Telecommunications in the Context of International Security (UN GGEs on Cybersecurity). Since 2013, she has also been working on the weaponization of the autonomous technologies and is also a founder and editor of the journal Disarmament Forum (1999-2012). Ms Vignard has an MA in International Relations, with Concentrations in Conflict Resolution, Development, and Latin America from Syracuse University and a BA in International Studies with a concentration in Political Science from Hamline University.


    Recent Publications and Current Projects

    Autnomous Weapon Systems and Cyber ??Operations

    Concerns Characteristics and Definitional Approaches

    Framing Discussions on the Weapons of Increasingly Autonomous Technologies