There is a growing pervasiveness of cyberspace applications throughout government activities, military planning and operations, industrial and civil infrastructure processes and financial systems. This presents an increased number of risks for government, the military, business and the general public. At the same time, cyberspace offers an immense wealth of opportunities for these constituencies through its capacity to convey information globally and manage a vast array of processes at great speed. To maximize the benefits of an inter-connected world, governments and other stakeholders are seeking to discuss/negotiate a coordinated, stable and mutually beneficial approach to the management and use of cyber tools. UNIDIR’s cyber work aims to carry out policy-focused capacity-building at the national, regional and multilateral level, as well as relevant research and analysis. UNIDIR also works to build awareness about cyber-related initiatives interact with one another to ensure the harmonious growth and development of a stable cyber environment.


Ongoing projects

International Security Cyber Issues Workshop Series

Cyber Stability Conference Series

Support to the UN GGEs (Space and Cyber)

International Law and State Behaviour in Cyberspace Meeting Series


Completed projects

National Capabilities, Doctrine, Organization and Building Transparency and Confidence for Cyber Security: An Assessment

Perspectives on Cyber War: Legal Frameworks and Transparency and Confidence-Building

The Cyber Index Tool