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Global threats are fundamentally changing. As people and states seek to adapt to meet these new challenges, we are engaging with a global network of stakeholders to identify innovative solutions. By convening expert voices from the public and private sectors, UNIDIR facilitates crucial dialogue through conferences and practical training. Our original research informs and guides policymakers and disarmament practitioners.

Each year, UNIDIR works in over fifty countries. For over forty years, we have been committed to helping member States understand and address a complex international security environment. Our research agenda is consistently ahead of the curve on disarmament issues, for example: exploring emerging digital technologies, AI and increasing autonomy in weapon systems; developing tools to help experts apply gender perspectives to disarmament frameworks, and advocating for constructive cooperation in space through the development of international norms.

Our work integrates disarmament across the Sustainable Development Goals and supports the implementation of the Secretary-General’s disarmament agenda entitled ‘Securing Our Common Future’.