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Managing Exits from Armed Conflict


We work to prevent armed group recruitment and support the reintegration of individuals transitioning to civilian life after conflict involvement.

We work to strengthen the international community’s capacity in this regard by generating a unique evidence base on journeys into and out of an array of armed groups that can be used to inform policy and practice. In addition, we create tools that support robust impact assessment and allow practitioners to understand in real time how their programmes are working and for whom.

Ultimately, we promote evidence-based, cross-sectoral interventions to effectively interrupt conflict cycles and build peace.

The MEAC project was started at UNU-CPR in late 2018. In 2022, UNIDIR joined the project steering group and UNU-CPR and UNIDIR began to jointly administer the project in anticipation of its migration to UNIDIR. Starting in January 2023, UNIDIR will solely administer the MEAC project and UNU-CPR will remain engaged on the project steering group. From its new institutional home, MEAC will be able to build on the geographic and thematic growth that the initiative achieved at UNU-CPR while benefitting from UNIDIR’s institutional knowledge on micro-disarmament, conventional weapons flows, and gender perspectives.

Current Research