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Compliance and Enforcement in WMD-related Treaties

Compliance and Enforcement in WMD-related Treaties

Treasa Dunworth

21 Pages

This paper set out basic terms, concepts and understandings for exploring compliance and enforcement of WMD-related regimes, and the state of discussion about some relevant questions. The evolution of these regimes is incremental, with their respective development drawing on previous experiences in the same or similar fields. This reflects a degree of ‘lock-in’ to a particular understanding of compliance theory in arms control and disarmament. This leaves underexplored a rich range of tools, techniques and lessons from outside arms control and disarmament, for example in areas such as human rights or the environment.

Dunworth, Treasa. 2019. “Compliance and Enforcement in WMD-Related Treaties.” WMDCE Series No. 1. Geneva, Switzerland: UNIDIR.

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