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Science and Technology for WMD compliance monitoring and investigations

Science and Technology for WMD compliance monitoring and investigations


Crister Åstot, Augustin Bauli, Veronica Borrett, John Borrie, Christophe Curty, Brigitte G. Dorner, Jonathon Forman, Carlos Fraga, David Gonzalez, Melissa Hanham, Gunnar Jeremias, Robert Mikulak, Daan Noort, Syed K. Raza, James Revill et al.

42 Pages

This report looks at the potential role of four novel approaches based on recent technological advances - remote sensing tools; open-source satellite data; open-source trade data; and artificial intelligence - in monitoring and investigating compliance with WMD treaties. The report consists of short essays from leading experts that introduce particular technologies, discuss their applications in WMD regimes and consider some of the wider economic and political requirements for their adoption.

Borrett. V., Hanham. M., Jeremias. G., Forman. J., Revill. J., Borrie. J., Åstot. C., Baulig. A., Curty. C., Dorner. B.G, Fraga. C., Gonzalez. D., Mikulak. R., Noort. D., Raza. S. K., Tang. C., Timperley. C., van Straten. F.M, van Zalen. E., Vanninen. P., Waqar. F. 2020. “Science and Technology for WMD compliance monitoring and investigations”. WMD Compliance and Enforcement Series No. 11. Geneva, Switzerland: UNIDIR. 


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